About Us:

Thanks for visiting our skate company. LADE is made up of a small team of dedicated, passionate professionals who love extreme sports. We are a online based company from Yorkshire. Our website is our main hub and from here you can keep up to date with all our latest products!

LADE was created in 2016 by two brothers who wanted to make a change to the rollerblading scene. Our main guy Jason wanted to create high quality products and low prices and started working on this goal.

Now we have a small skate team and are currently on the verge of releasing the first wave of wheels. We have several T-shirt designs that have proved popular with riders. 

We are currently working on releasing LADE bearings, second wave of T-shirt designs and hoodies.

We have so far helped sponsor several skate events and have given out dedicated prizes! Soon we hope to host our own full skate competition and are excited for that.

Thank you for all your support!