Lade & UKBC Collab Inline Wheel

We have teamed up with UKBC to release a collaboration wheel! Why? Simply to give back to the blading community.

How will this work?
All the profit on these wheels goes towards 2 skate events here in the UK, the plan is to hold one in the north and one in the south so more people can attend the events!

We believe after all the wheels have sold there is going to be around £2000 to go towards the events, we have not picked the locations yet and nearer to the time there will be more news on where the events will be held.
The events will be FREE as we are paying with the profit! That means people on the day will be able to enter for free!

Now depending on how much the events cost to host we are hoping to have a little left over to give out on the spot prizes on the day!

Anything else?
Yes! Any one who provides proof that they bought a pair of these wheels will be entered on the day to a free raffle to win a brand new set of these wheels! So just by coming and showing us you bought some you might win a fresh set!

What do we need from you?
We can not start these events until we have sold all the sets, so please share and let people know about these wheels!
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